Make your customers addicted to your shop

Gets your customers to place a second order, a third, a forth and more

Rewards your customers for profitable action

A set of predefined rules helps you reward customers for any action that will profit your business

Get customers to actively participate

Send frequent reminders to your customers to get them actively participate in rewards scheme

Build the most elegant rewards program experience

Completely white-label your rewards program and get our team to design a custom visual for your site that will match your brand identity

The world’s fatest growing retailers use beans to drive growth and revenue

"We’ve seen an 80% increase in repeat purchases and issued over 3 million points to our 70K loyalty members."

- Lynda Guillemort

Make a powerful loyalty program with ease

Hot Beans Campaign

Create exclusive time limited deals for your most loyal customers

Set redemption limit

Add limit to how much points are redeemable during purchases

Add expiration to point

Set time limit to points to urge customers to come back to spend them

Customize email notification

Send customers notification to customers when they join, earn or spend points

Manually adjust balance

Whenever needed you can manually adjust members’s balance

Track and analyse result

Analytics lets you track the impact of your rewards program on your revenue

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